Datamine Network — Open Beta v3 Release — Ending 2020 in style.

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for many of us. Just one year ago Datamine Ecosystem was just all theoretical, it should work but no one has created anything like it yet so we ventured into an unexplored space of cryptocurrencies.

The idea was simple, how do you create a decentralized on-chain use case? After months of brainstorming, Ethereum smart contract development and testing we launched Datamine & FLUX dual-token ecosystem.

Datamine Ecosystem was born right before the DeFi & Uniswap cryptocurrency boom of 2020 in the midst of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The timing was perfect and our unique use case was new and refreshing take on deflationary currencies.

You can check out Datamine decentralized dashboard here:

FLUX aims to be base deflationary currency of DeFi world

Datamine Tokens can be securely locked-in to our audited Ethereum smart contract to generate FLUX tokens. FLUX is generated every 15 seconds in a linear and predictable manner which guarantees low inflation rate with potential of negative interest rates which is not offered by any other cryptocurrency.

Datamine (DAM) tokens have a fixed supply and unlike a central bank that control inflation, Datamine lock-in holders control BOTH inflation & deflation.

It’s time to ascend

Datamine was already #1 DeFi DappRadar in the world but 2021 will be all about FLUX growth.

FLUX deflation is hitting hard with inflation now down to double digit numbers before end of first year! With almost 500,000 / 750,000 FLUX destroyed from circulation our use case is unlike anything else in the world.

FLUX has constant market pressure from minting and is countered by FLUX burning. We’re ending the year with 66% of all FLUX destroyed from the market and 50% of supply now in Uniswap FLUX / ETH pool with > $113,000 in available liquidity:

We’ve built realtime DeFi analytics because metrics matter

DeFi use cases should be proven with on-chain data! We’ve created a unique network of realtime data to handle Ethereum smart contract analysis. We have identified several core metrics that matter to our ecosystem.

All of the data above is available on our realtime analytics platform:

We’ve also decentralized our knowledgebase

With the latest Open Beta v3 release we’ve also took all of our help articles and migrated them into our dashboard. This way help can be accessed from any place in the world without relying on 3rd party websites.

You can check out our new decentralized knowledgebase with instant search here:

What’s next for Datamine Network?

Our Ethereum smart contracts are now audited, our deflationary use case is proven to work and our analytics platform is live with tons of data. Hard to imagine that this was all complete during COVID pandemic but now it’s all about growth!

We’re forecasting FLUX available liquidity to DOUBLE by next year to 250,000 FLUX and inflation to half to ~40%. These numbers would bring a lot of stability into Datamine Ecosystem further solidifying our target to be the DeFi base currency of choice.

There is still more analytics to dig through and new DeFi use cases keep popping up that integrate well into FLUX base currency. Our network is ready to analyze any smart contract as we’ve already shown with our realtime Uniswap analysis of FLUX/ETH pair.

Be sure to follow us for updates and join our Discord for regular updates.

Useful Links:

Decentralized Dashboard:

Our realtime DeFi analytics:

ETH-DAM Uniswap:

FLUX-ETH Uniswap:

Our instant helpdesk:

Datamine Network is a new non-custodial and decentralized open source economic system that uses smart contracts to create Adaptive Money.