Datamine Network — Open Beta v5 Release — What’s New & What’s Next

Datamine Network
5 min readAug 31, 2021

Welcome to another quarterly recap! Every quarter we go over all of the updates that we have performed since the last milestone.

Think of these milestones as a chance to get bite-sized set of updates instead of having to go through hundreds of individual updates.

Ecosystem Milestones

  • FLUX reaches new record of NEGATIVE -18.89% inflation! FLUX was the first cryptocurrency in the world to reach negative inflation and we’ve hit this deflationary zone again!

Community Milestones

Analytics Snapshot

Discord Integration Updates

Datamine Decentralized Dashboard Updates

Datamine Network Pro Updates

What’s coming up

  • We’re working hard on our next big feature: Real-time, on-chain trends! See possible futures with Datamine Network, coming soon.



Datamine Network

Datamine FLUX is DeFi’s first inflation-resistant currency built on Ethereum. Market equilibrium is established using a variation of Proof-of-Burn algorithm.