FLUX: World’s first cryptocurrency to reach negative inflation

FLUX Yearly Inflation reaches all-time low of -4.45%

In a modern Monetary System, the Central Bank controls inflation and deflation. Imagine if the Central Bank was controlled by the people in a decentralized manner where anyone could become part of the central bank and control the money supply.

Fixing inflation is our DeFi use case. We’ve fixed inflation by creating a strong on-chain use case that is currently valued at $300,000.00

FLUX is an audited deflationary token that wants to be a Base Currency of DeFi

FLUX is an Advanced Smart Contract that is also an Ethereum Token. This means you can store FLUX in any ERC-20 (Ethereum) based wallet and transact with the token as you would with cash. FLUX and Datamine (DAM) tokens are immutable and ownerless making our Ecosystem truly decentralized.

FLUX can be minted by Datamine (DAM) holders which acts as a Central Bank in our ecosystem. FLUX minting is linear, predictable and always costs a bit of Ethereum (to pay for the gas fees). This means that every FLUX in the world is backed by a bit of Ethereum from Day 1.

FLUX went from 883% inflation to -4.45% in 234 days

In times of low demand Datamine Ecosystem automatically self-adjusts without any human intervention in the following manner:

  • Datamine (DAM) lock-in rate increases. Currently 77.58% of all DAM tokens are locked-in to mint FLUX (Valued at $1,339,624.91 USD)
  • More FLUX tokens are destroyed from circulation by DAM lock-in holders. Currently 596,036/855,990 FLUX was destroyed from circulation (Valued at $300,000.00 USD). We’ve destroyed all the FLUX that was ever minted until December 5th
  • FLUX / ETH Uniswap grows in size lowering price volatility. This provides more FLUX for the burn cycles. Currently 26.78% of FLUX is available ($69,352.08 USD in Liquidity) in the Uniswap pool In times of low demand we’ve seen this number go up to 56%
  • FLUX is minted at a slower rate reducing yearly inflation. DAM lock-in holders will never mint at a loss. As the price of FLUX declines
  • Due to Ethereum gas fees FLUX has an inherent “price bottom” where minting is not profitable due to gas fees. This leads to further inflation drop until demand is found.
  • FLUX as seen Today can reach negative inflation in times of extremely low market demand. This means more FLUX is destroyed from the market than minted providing pure on-chain deflation.

Uniswap FLUX / ETH acts as our M0 Money Supply

We’ve built our ecosystem with liquidity pools in mind since day 1. We did not want to build our use case around a specific liquidity pool as future updates to liquidity pools would render the smart contract obsolete.

Constant minting of FLUX provides a slow trickle of FLUX to liquidity pools. Providing Liquidity is incentivized in the following manner:

  • Adding Datamine (DAM) liquidity is incentivized as Datamine tokens have a fixed supply and DAM lock-in users do not want to unlock their tokens. As Datamine (DAM) price goes up the locked-in % goes down as users have more incentives to sell their DAM. This constant supply/demand pattern provides fantastic incentives for adding liquidity to DAM pool.
  • Adding FLUX liquidity guarantees transactional throughput. To burn FLUX users must buy FLUX from the pool (or earn it by providing FLUX liquidity). Constant transactional throughput provides great incentives to liquidity providers in the FLUX / ETH pool.

Burn-as-a-Service (BaaS) is our decentralized incentivized approach to SaaS

To prove our on-chain use case we had to create revolutionary real-time smart contracts. Our analytics platform provides instant access to Ethereum and can shape data in any format instantly.

We’ve partnered with our first token: Farmland to provide real-time analytics. Farmland analytics is launching this weekend so be sure to check it out! Farmland burns FLUX to use analytics so the whole ecosystem benefits from this additional use case.

BaaS (Burn as a Service) is a new alternative to SaaS that is only possible with our token. By burning FLUX you are benefit the whole ecosystem by further reducing inflation while also benefiting from increased FLUX minting rate.

If you are an Ethereum-based token and want real-time customized analytics for your project please reach out to us in Discord. We’ll find FLUX burn terms that work for your company / team.

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