Introducing Datamine ArbiFLUX

Decentralized Minting on Ethereum — Utilizing Arbitrum L2 Rollups Scaling Solution

How do I get ArbiFLUX? 🔥

When is ArbiFLUX launching?

What are the benefits of Arbitrum L2?

What is ArbiFLUX Token and what is the use case?

Is ArbiFLUX a whole new smart contract?

Can I transfer FLUX from L2 back to L1?

Can I transfer ArbiFLUX from L2 to L1?

How much FLUX can I use for my ArbiFLUX mint?

Will there be any Uniswap Liquidity on L1 for Datamine FLUX?

Will there be any Uniswap Liquidity on L2 for FLUX & ArbiFLUX?

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Datamine Network is a new non-custodial and decentralized open source economic system that uses smart contracts to create Adaptive Money.